Claire & Frank Meldrum House Wedding

When Claire & Frank booked be for their big day (many years ago!) I was so excited. They are a lovely couple and Claire was so bubbly and full of enthusiasm for her wedding day. Any time I’ve seen her since she’s been exactly the same, a really outgoing and fun person. She warned me Frank and the boys didn’t really like having their photos taken and were a little more shy, which I can work with, but I think she told a few fibs!

The pre wedding shoot went amazing, with all four of them giving the camera lots of love. We headed to Footdee on a not very nice evening, but the rain held off and the images speak for themselves!

And the wedding day itself they couldn’t have been more chilled about it all, we were blessed with lovely weather and the entire day was so relaxed but fun.

Claire & Frank chose the lovely Meldrum House for their wedding, such a great venue and definitely one of my favourites. A good mix of modern and traditional, Claire definitely put her mark on it too. I’ve never seen the ballroom look so good!

I needed to add some of the pre wedding images here too so you can see just how amazing they did!