A little note from your photographer....

Getting your photographs taken and waiting to see them is very exciting, I love waiting to view ours and choose what ones we want and where they will go in our home. I get even more excited once I have decided and wait for the USB to arrive.

I know its hard to be patient......

Each image I provide  is softly edited for viewing, once you choose I final edit them all, on some galleries this is a quick process but on others I need to extend backdrops, head swap children, remove boogers, fix skin issues etc (newborns) and then there are weddings with around 500 images to hand edit individually.

I have around 20+ galleries and orders to process per week and I have at least 4 days in the studio, its just little old me here so i can't edit and shoot at the same time (I wish I could trust me).

I have hundreds of clients to please all at once, especially at this time of year!

I am the photographer, the editor, the admin, the receptionist, the packager, the person that posts them all and on top of all of this I am the cleaner, the cook, the mum of 3, the wife, the friend, the daughter, the sister and I need some time out and rest on top or I can't think straight!

I have to also have deadlines or I am constantly chasing people and lose track of where I am so please understand the need for the 5/7 day ordering window. A week really is a lot longer than if I switch to in person viewing which will require you to come back to me and choose on the spot (which a lot of photographers do).

I also process orders on a first come first served basis, this includes payment. If you know you need an image by a date it really helps to plan the session earlier or order as soon as possible to be added to my order list quicker. 

At this time of year everyone wants them for gifts, I don't work to other companies offer deadlines so please don't chase me because the cards or canvas deal you want expires today. I have my own deadlines and I am trying to keep everyone happy and run things as fairly as I possibly can. 

I know its frustrating to wait but I really am trying as hard as I can to get things to you all as soon as possible. 

Thanks for being patient and I hope this helps people to understand the behind the scenes craziness I am dealing with all year round!